yujin13. (earth)

by yujin13.

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songs best sung in solitude. then life continues.
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released November 20, 2008

recorded 2008 by christopher hopkins at earthbound recording, san diego, california.



all rights reserved


(10:39 Records) Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista (San Diego)-based independent music vagabonds. Check out our sites for music reviews!

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Track Name: start over.
first impressions were always what i feared the most.
self humiliation's joined by 1000 apologies.
i'd wish i could turn back time to do things right
and start all over again
but it doesn't work that way.
it just doesn't work that way.
because i have nothing to say
for all the stupid mistakes that i make.
and i have no excuse for the effort that i don't produce.
so go away, just leave me alone
i'll figure this out on my own
until next time...
often, i laugh at how stupid i sound
whenever i brag or boast. i wonder
if i'm compensating for feelings of inferiority.
these defense mechanisms cannot possibly cope
for all the introspective betrayals
and a cold, hard look at reality.
Track Name: watching you.
i'm standing here with all these words just flying through my head
waiting for them to come out, but it's just silence instead.
now, i'm thinking back on all the things i should have said
but you're not coming back, so i'll just keep these thoughts inside of me.

did you live the life that you wanted to lead?
did you find what you were looking for?
did you find peace?
confined into that cage, alone with just your doubt and rage.
the years pass by; before we know it
we're grasping for more time.

i sit and wonder if this existence has left me cold and numb
searching for more meaning but forgetting where it is i'm from.
i have been a stranger to you for so very long.
blurry lines of right and wrong; i turn my back and now you're gone.

please don't leave me all alone; alone with all my thoughts.
this world that exists inside my mind is full of neverending strife.
please, just take me to the ones i love
or end this pain;
my soul will float aimlessly above this earth
just watching you.
Track Name: leave me here.
we were young and carefree; how i wanted it to be.
we never cared for what they thought.
there were no goals we really sought.
now it's not the way it was
never found out what's the cause of all of this.
all i know is, i really miss it.

now, it got old, it's ok, i understand, you can go
and i'll be here doing what i can do best.
i understand you grew up, but i'm the same.
no one's to blame, so just look forward
and don't forget to remember it's ok.

it's ok, you can go. you can leave me here.
waiting here, just waiting here like the way it was before.
remember all the way back then? we had nothing else to do.
it was for fun, it was the only thing that we could hold on to

remember when you told me that things would never change?
i know what we're still here, but it's not really the same.
and although i'm happy with who i am, just living day to day,
every time i think of you, i want to run away.
Track Name: prove me wrong.
i'm sorry for what i did to you.
i'm sorry for what i failed to do.
i didn't mean what i said the other day.
and i'm kicking myself unmercifully; you're better than i'll ever be.
the words just seemed to come out the wrong way...
and i hope you find it in yourself to forgive me,
and when i'm like this
just tell me when i'm wrong, i know that you know best.
it's better that you let me know
before i destroy myself in the process.
it's all for my own good, so try to prove me wrong.
just seal it up and lock the door before i hurt you anymore.
i'm sorry that it had to be this way.
you'll never look at me the same;
i only have myself to blame.
it's obvious, i really need to change.
you're probably thinking to yourself i don't deserve a second chance.
but i hope you see the good in me upon a second glance.
this time, i really thought it through.
i'd risk it all to start off new.
i know what i will have to do
but i know it has to start with you.
so tell me when i'm wrong.
Track Name: neverend.
there was a time when i thought that this life would neverend
but later i realized that i had to stop playing this game of pretend.
is there anything left for me now?
when all i've ever done was wonder why and how
this world won't stop without me and this life is passing by.
i'm seeing my existence fade before my eyes:
this life is breaking me
and it's taking me into a state of isolation.
this life is all i've known
and now i'm all alone and all that's left
is desolation.
do you remember back when we thought that this life would neverend?
we blinded our eyes from the pain with these lies;
i never imagined that i'd lose a friend.