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(free) 01:31


The KiDS start it off with some straight forward jams in the 90's tradition, when things weren't as lame as they are now. Listen to this in your car. You'll thank us later on the internet.
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released June 30, 2011

Recorded/mixed/mastered in 2011 by Alex Jacobelli at The House of Wonders in Escondido, California.



all rights reserved


(10:39 Records) Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista (San Diego)-based independent music vagabonds. Check out our sites for music reviews!

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Track Name: Furry Curry!
neerneerneer--neer, neer, neer
Track Name: Scrabble
I think that I thought that I think too hard;
I can't think of the words to say
(I hate that I feel this way).
I used to be able to say what I could
when I'd want
it was great
(it was good).
I think I should read my dictionary
to find the words that I should say to you.
It's safe to say I need to learn to deal with this.
I wonder if anyone else here knows what I am going through...
I don't know what else to do, my brain is fried.
Track Name: Ponyo
Was I being careless?
I admit that I made my mistakes.
I can't go back to how it was before.
I haven't seen your face since that one night
but I hear your voice in my head from time to time.
I'd have to say "thank you" for giving me that little peace of mind for that small amount of time.
You came as fast as you went.
If (or when) I see you again, what will you say to me?
A second where our eyes lock in place and both cease to be free;
it seems like an eternity...
The world just stops around us:
you break your glance, then I will too
and I'll just be on my way.
Track Name: Watermelon Gum
What's inside your head?
A puzzle I'd like to solve before I die
glancing all around the room,
with eyes that won't reveal what sits behind.
Am I locked outside your wall,
or is it a mental cage you're locked inside?
Do you choose to keep me out,
or are you just afraid of what I'll find?
Two feet between us: a journey of 100 miles
starting with a single step,
no guarantee I'll get to where I need to be
and if it's wrong, I'll turn around.
A single step followed by a deep, erasing breath
(I know, I try).
One word rests on the tip of my eager tongue
waiting for that helping push
from the three other words that follow close behind.
Push me hard enough:
do you feel the same way that I do?
"Hello, I love you."
Track Name: kstdt
It seems that I'm always at the right place at the wrong time.
As the years have passed, I wonder if I've changed
or if I've just found better words
to express the feelings that have stayed the same.
This path has been running in circles:
twenty-two plus ten times over.
All my friends have come and gone away
and I'd like to take a few steps back
to sit and think exactly where I am.
Every day is a new leaf,
but one day this tree has ceased to grow.
Long nights of unending dreams--
these scars will always show
and as much as I can hide them,
I will be the only one who knows.
So give me one good reason to wake up with a smile
a meaning conversation and I'll stay for a while
a place where lines are blurry between morning and night
where no one's ever in a hurry to turn out the light.
"Good-bye, my friends, I'll see you tomorrow."
Track Name: Train Tracks
I don't care enough about the world to adopt a cause.
I don't keep up with government, or politics, or laws.
I'd just like to take the time to pause
to have this conversation "just because."
I'm that guy that has to try and justify my loss
to have a benefit from these train tracks
I've laid myself across.
I'd like to find the beauty in your flaws,
so let's take the scenic route "just because."
I won't have my fate dependent on a coin to toss
or my destiny determined by drawing a bunch of straws.
So if you choose to leave me, it's no loss
but will you please stay with me?
Track Name: Pachinko
After tonight, I have much more on my mind.
I don't want what I think what he have
to just be lost in time.
I'm trying so hard to get a remote reply from you
but it seems that there's just one direction
this path is leading to.

I don't want to think that this is all in vain.
I'd like you to be someone I can waste my time "with," not "on."
I haven't felt so anxious, so uncertain in such a while.
I look forward to tomorrow when I'm no longer in denial.

Your silence slowly kills me, I'm holding it inside.
My sanity (or what's left of it) is slowly slipping by.
How can a face so pretty take my life away?
I've never felt so happy, sad, alone in just one day.

Please just look into my eyes for once.
I'd want to share with you what I tell very few to none.
Share with me your every thought
and I'll share with you too.
I hope that everything I've done
will somehow follow through.

I wish that I could just figure you out.
A single word is all I need to kill this inner doubt.
I know that there is something
buried deep inside your heart.
A single word is all I need before we drift apart.