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The boys are at it again. Sketchy skate hardcore from Lemon Grove Punks. Skating, slamming, jamming is what it's all about. Fuck the rest. 7" coming out soon. In the meantime, get into the tunes.


released September 1, 2012

Recorded September 2012 by Chrisopher Hopkins at Earthbound Recording in Chula Vista, CA.



all rights reserved


(10:39 Records) Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista (San Diego)-based independent music vagabonds. Check out our sites for music reviews!

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Track Name: Skate, Slam, Jam
We skate from the time we wake
We slam every chance we get
We jam till the hour's late

We skate in shoes, slam in boots
Lemon Grove don't forget your roots
I slam in the pit then I slam on my board
Punk rock and skateboarding I'll never ignore
Learned to skate before I could walk
Engraved on my heart skateboarding and punk rock
It's a way of life
Much more then a trend
It brings together my family and friends

We skate
We slam
We jam
and thats the way I am
Track Name: Don't Listen
From the beginning you have been told
you will be happy when you fit the mold
Ok, now stop. That can't be true
The American Dream just ain't for you

Truman Show, same old story
Same routine, yeah, life is boring
You now have joined the mass population
Your life is now run by this mass corporation

I'm on the road to obtain true bliss
but the way you chose, man, it's so hit-and-miss
Kiss their butt to get a high paying job
So you can retire, live high on the hog

Like left out bread, your life is old and stale
You think you succeeded but you actually failed
Don't fit in their box, don't fit in their mold
Follow your heart and not as your told
Track Name: Where You At?
Where you at?
Not here!

Reminiscing on your punk rock days
To you it was a trend and just a faze
Used the scene as a stepping stone
to make yourself cool, to make yourself known

You got your 15 minutes of punk rock fame
Now you're back with the jocks and you think we're lame
Yell "Up the punx" with a 40 in your hand
Is it time to rebel? give a finger to the man?

5 minute fashion then you threw it away
We knew from the start that you wouldn't stay
Hey man where'd you go? Where are you at?

and just so you know, you're not welcome back.
Track Name: Worthless Name
You're cool; I'm not.
You're a fool; I'm not
and to make it all worse your dad's a cop

Police brutality, you bring it home
You beat the world then you beat your own
High school is great with all the clones
Graduated now, you're all alone

High school glory, worthless fame
You have no shame on your worthless name

There's no one left to push and shove
except the papers at your new job
The spotlight is no longer on
So you go in the search of the nightstick and gun

You're a fool, and I'm not.
You're a tool, and I'm not.
You're just another bloodline cop

You could easily find a large drug bust
but you'd rather beat the innocent just cause
You raise your kids to do the same
to carry on your worthless family name
Track Name: All The Same
I'm not a piece of paper that you can bend and fold
I'm not another student that you can criticize and mold
I'm tired of this pushing, the pressure never ends
I don't care for your opinions and I don't care about the trends

You want me to crawl through these tubes
this giant hamster cage
as the eyes stare down upon me it slowly builds my rage

Like a herd of fenced-in cows all on an open range
you laugh because I'm different
I laugh because you're all the same
Track Name: Nobody
There once was 3 kids they were the best of friends
Punk rock and skateboarding stay young till the end
as they got older they went separate ways
Somebody, Everybody, Nobody were their names

Have you seen the big picture?
Have you uncovered the gem?
The moral of the story is to not be like them

Everybody wanted to be cool
Somebody hung by the pool
but Nobody cared he thought they were fools
Somebody went here and Everybody went there
but Nobody didn't care from his roots he wouldn't tear

Self destruction came to Everybody there
Why didn't Somebody speak up? Was there anyone who cared?
Yet you mocked the kid who preached, is that so absurd?
Nobody listened and Nobody heard

You could be like Everybody not me not me
You could be a somebody not me not me
You could fit in with everybody not me not

But he's the one who made it he's the one who is free
take a good look in the mirror and hope thats you and me
you could be a Somebody you could fit in with Everybody
I'll stay with those who are true and choose to be a Nobody