Raineir Goes to State EP


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T-IV retains the melody in their second proper release, yet makes a gradual shift into the realm of hardcore punk. Raineir sucks at screaming. Just out of high school, the boys start finding out what life is like on the outside.


released August 5, 2007

All songs by TANTIVE-IV except "Undertone" by Inside Out.
Recorded 2007 by Chris Hopkins at Earthbound Recording in Chula Vista, CA.



all rights reserved


(10:39 Records) Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista (San Diego)-based independent music vagabonds. Check out our sites for music reviews!

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Track Name: No Avail
I can't recall the last time I really knew this place
I live through all the same situations but I see a different face
All these conversations I've had and heard before,
these familiar words are overwhelming;
I don't need it anymore

Do I have a place to call my own
a "home sweet home" to live and grow?
Do I have a place to call my own
a "home sweet home" where I won't be alone?
I guess I'll never know.

Much to no avail, the truth is what I've sought
I wear this mask and make-believe that I'm someone that I'm not
People know me just by name, and not by who I am
and all this time I'm being used for someone else's plan

Will I be free from insanity? Everything's the same.
I'm just a rat in a struggle for life, but to the cat
it's just a game.
Track Name: Axel: To Fight Or To Flee?
The time has come to make ends meet.
He got this far; he can't accept defeat
he has to make a decision: to fight or to flee?

Axel knows karate:
It's getting really fun
His moves are #1
He's jumping up and down
His kick's as fast as lightning and I end up on the ground

His fist of fury lunges just like a bat out of hell
He's here, he's there, he's everywhere,
I don't know, I can't tell
His hurricane karate kick makes them know who's in charge
His strikes are hard and fast 'cause in a second I see stars

This time he's stand above the masses
just to kick all their asses
There's hell to pay, so don't think that he'll stop there
He's super fucking pissed,
so just expect a fist coming at your face
as you lay to waste and come to taste bitter defeat
Track Name: Said and Done
What good is it when it's all said and done?
As the people are dying, we're all just having fun
because truth and reality pass us by
we fail to recognize we're living a lie
Ignorance is not the only way
to cope with the injustice in the world

And I say that it's not my fault that it happens this way
we all just assume it will all be 'ok'
it's still my problem regardless of what I do or say

Materialism governs what we think and what we do
We're taking it all for granted;
unprepared for when it's compromised
Our lifestyles and nothing will ever matter
it will soon come to an end.
It still remains a mystery how we manage to pretend

Ambition and progress are caused by our desperate needs
for personal gain
The sad truth of the world is that progress and greed
are ironically one in the same.
Track Name: Good Life
Hey, Mom and Dad, is this what you meant
when you said that you wanted the 'good life'?
Are you quite happy with what you have earned
and the things that you bought at a high price?

Well, I'm not a genius; I can tell you this:
the chances you take are never hit-or-miss
a television set can never prove my worth,
so what makes you think that I'd ever want to live
your good life?

The new swimming pool in the backyard
dried up from neglect and dismay
Seriously, are we really happy
with this nuclear family decay?
What good is it when you can't even enjoy
the fruits of your labor, your expensive toys?
You won't be remembered for anything else
other that the sole intention of living the good life.

I know that you are not the person to blame
I won't let society affect me the same way it has apparently
made you insane, complicating your very existence
and daily affairs as you constantly struggle
to live up the good life

Thanks but no thanks
I would not want to live up the good life
Thanks but no thanks
I would rather stick to having no life
at all
Track Name: Try Again
I feel like giving up; I can't do anything correctly
These people are just mocking me
they don't want to respect me
This silent introspection echoes anger in my mind
and frustration accumulates
I'm going through a blind rage

They tell me,
"If at first you don't succeed, just try and try again"
but every time I try and fail, I just want it to end
Every day I live my life like a game of pretend
'Cause every time I try and fail, I try and try again

Too many problems nag at me. I want to run away
and the world is too oblivious to what I do or say
I remember back when I was truly happy and carefree
Those days are gone and going back is an impossibility

So when you try and you try again, and then you fail.
Track Name: Undertone
(lyrics by Inside Out)