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released April 21, 2014



all rights reserved


(10:39 Records) Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista (San Diego)-based independent music vagabonds. Check out our sites for music reviews!

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I offer up my failures, my shortcomings, my defeats,
half-forgotten memories of bitter self-deceit
And every time I ask myself why things happen this way,
one by one, I fall apart, I drift, then I decay

I try so hard to be that person that I want to be
Hoping that the outside world will never get the best of me
I carry this cross with intent of what's ahead
But I still wonder who'd I'd be if I chose another path instead

These thoughts manifest into words.
These words apply themselves to what I do.
If all I can ever think about is what I could have done,
then how the fuck can anything follow through?

It's a vicious cycle.
There is no progress
Just lamentation,
a sad regression into obsession
of something I can easily forget
Track Name: NHK
Here I am, there they are looking down on me
Eyes are darting left to right they're all the enemy
No one here that I can trust: one big conspiracy
Is there a solution to this insecurity?

I see your face with every step I fucking take
I'm forced to question if this life's one big mistake
Are you the cause of all the trouble that's surrounding me?
Or will you save me from myself?
Step back, back in line
Searching for what you're trying to find
I guess you didn't find it here
The truth became my biggest fear
Do you remember what we shared?
You don't even fucking care
So leave this place, step back in line
"I'll see you again some other time"

I didn't want things to change between you and me
Did it have to be this way?
I never saw that possibility.
Seeing you now, I have the words, but not the guts to say
But maybe that's just how it has to be

All the things you said to me, did any of it mean a thing?
We were with you from day one
You threw away all that we've done
I can't change who you want to be
But now you're just a memory
So leave this place, step back in line
"I'll see you again some other time

You passed me by
I called your name
You looked away
We were the same
Apathy: a sickly plague afflicting those around me
In blissful ignorance, they escape reality
You have so much to give, where will you go from here?
A cure for all this pestilence?
So distant, so vague, so unclear

The choice was made to close their eyes
Rejecting truth, accepting lies
I cut all ties with that kind that indulge in the defilement of the mind:
A terrible thing to waste
Potential is nullified by yearning for a life devoid of sacrifice
Change will never come across one that chose to leave their will behind!

So I ask myself: Why should I even try to come to the aid of someone with a lack of inner drive?
A waste of life.
Why even try?
A waste of life.
Why even try?
Why even try?
Track Name: DOG
No more second guessing, no more looking back
I've found what keeps me going on, what helps me stay on track
I've never been so sure of anything in my fucking life
This I know is real. This is fucking real.

Every dog will have his fucking day.
Track Name: THE TORCH
We all want to be invincible.
Existential liberation: am I in control?
Who can see in the dark? Will the truth ever show?
We all live in fear of things that we can never know.

Searching answers, yearning for relief
We all look for permanent solutions to our grief
Overwhelming obstacles of irrational design
We all subjected to the struggles of our time

This torch is forced into our hands
some will never understand
the burden we are given
the price we pay for living
Some of us welcome death
Some of us strive for live
We all retain our sins, regrets, our malice and our strife.

In the end, we all become our fathers.
Track Name: FRESHMAN
You started off in someplace new
with no hints what you have to do
and you're haunted by the fact
that there is no one there you know
But you have to do this on your own
and despite when you feel all alone
you have to depend on yourself
when there is nowhere left to go

The important thing is you will find
that these voices that are in your mind
are telling you that it's a sign to move on with your life, even if it means you have to leave your friends behind...

When it's us against the world
in hopes for something new
We can't turn back, we've gone too far
the only thing left for us to do is
just hope for the best
and then cope with the rest
and to see what happens next
in this newly found frontier we now call home

When you just get tired of your life
and you're ready for a change
so you gather up what you can hold
and set off for some place far and strange
where you meet new people, see new sites
and in the back of your mind in the dead of night
you think of home, turn off the light
and hope to God it will be alright

And I know the future is unknown
but soon you'll see how much you've grown
and you might meet people just like you
who have your situation too
and the only thing left for us to do is to live our lives
and not care if it's just me against the world.
Track Name: COOLIDGE
You should know, poseur.