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Watch out. Ventura County's STRIKE FAST comes at you with five mean tunes. Honest lyrics, and a straightforward approach to songwriting. That's all you need.


released April 3, 2013

All songs by Strike Fast, except track 5.



all rights reserved


(10:39 Records) Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista (San Diego)-based independent music vagabonds. Check out our sites for music reviews!

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Track Name: Glory Days
Your head is in the clouds
Stuck in the past that’s least I can say
Just fitting a mold that is decades old
Live in the now because this is today
This is my submission to the suggestion box
I may preach to my own choir but I can walk the walk
Reminiscing on the glory days that you never knew
Talking about all the hard times that you never went through
The praise of the old is nothing new
Another year goes by and you think the same way
I’ve heard it before from others like you
Live in the now because this is today
Track Name: Opinions
Talk and talk the only thing they do
I’m fucking sick of listening to you
Got no time for their shitty views
Keep on talking, they’re gonna lose
Stick a needle in your eye
Keep me out of your sight
We’re still fighting, standing our ground
But you’ve never done one thing for yourself
You’re just talk, full of shit
Only thing left for you to do is quit
Wrote us off from left to right
They tried to destroy everything in their sight
They don’t fucking matter to me
Can’t be stopped by your blatant apathy
Track Name: Can't Relate
I can’t relate! I’m out of place
I can’t relate! Can’t keep pace
Everyone around me tries to say what’s right
I won’t give in easy; I’ll put up a fight
Push and pull with their influence
But I know what’s right for me and they don’t make a difference
Track Name: Phased
Keep changing sides and living a phase
Before you know your life’s a fucking maze
Searching for a niche that’ll keep you fed
Too bad every turn made is a dead end
Mindless, you fell into the trap
Changed who you were just to fit in with the rest
Sightless, you never crossed the gap
I call you pretend you say you progressed
You think you have a clean slate
Expect everyone’s gonna look the other way
I know who you really are
Sold yourself short for a gold star
You’re bound to acting smart and playing it safe
Fuck you and the person that you threw away