by blackrabbit

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a short collection of simple songs from the suburban state of nature.


released October 6, 2012



all rights reserved


(10:39 Records) Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista (San Diego)-based independent music vagabonds. Check out our sites for music reviews!

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Track Name: Learning
I'm slowly learning how to listen once again
I'm slowly learning how to talk to you, my friend
I'm slowly learning how to walk along the quiet river bend

I'm slowly learning I can see more clearly now
I'm slowly learning not to have to arch my brow
at every single thing I think is undeserving
in whatever way, whichever way, and how

I'm slowly learning I don't have to do a thing
I'm slowly learning how to dance and how to sing
I'm slowly learning I can smile and laugh and all that in between

I'm slowly learning I don't really have to rhyme
I'm slowly learning that the ugly is divine
I'm slowly learning that it's better doing one thing at a time
Track Name: Cold
last night i saw a movie about a guy around my age
who cast off any prospect of being safe
he gave it all away for the hope of finding what he wanted
what he wanted was the chance
to say that it was worth it
he got the chance when he died one day.
and he died hungry
and he died alone
and he died contemplating the unknown

he left his mother, father, sister for the northerly direction
abandoning the caution caused by material possession
and man-made golden rules that ensured a miserable consensus
he finally left it when it when he died one day
and he died hungry
and he died alone
but he died staring at the beauty of the unknown

but the irony of this anecdote captured in the words he wrote
his joy was of the love
from ones he met and left along the way.
Track Name: Skyscraper
I look up towards the sky.
The sun is the only one I confide in.
He stares at me with an unwavering eye
and I remain mesmerized.
Less than five seconds pass before I'm halfway blind
and at the same time all the thoughts have escaped my mind

My hands reach to scrape the sky
I find myself asking "Why, oh, why?"
The wind casts a somber reply
I'll ask until the day that i die.

I look up towards the sky
The moon conceals all the secrets she's hiding
She hints at me with a mysterious smile
and I'm compelled to reply.
I refrain from any answer of some kind
because at the same time all the thoughts have escaped my mind
The trees looming over me
have captured my floating dreams in the leaves
and not too long after they fall, brown and withered and dried
Track Name: Conduit
Are we living in the shadows
of dead men in a textbook
who had a phrase or two about today?
I can't blame Ms. DeFord for not catching my attention
while I stared out of the window in 10th grade.

On my desk in second period
I scratched the poorly rendered face
of the one that probably doesn't know my name.
The one whose life I lived for
whose image makes me hesitate
on saying what it is I have to say

It's also kinda funny
my main source of motivation
was the same thing that gave me a D in Chemistry
so three cheers for me, hooray, rejoice at me not fucking caring
it made me the person that you know today.

So the utmost of apologies to you all that came before;
I suppose your tax dollars went to waste
but to reconcile this utterly shameful, shitty situation
I'm glad you taught me how to dream while I'm awake.

Now I can't live a life using someone else's words
but it's worked out for me 19 years so far
when it comes the time that the light shines in my eyes,
what will i say?
Track Name: Snails
I rode my bike right past the homes I know I can't afford to buy,
the new apartments and the signs offering me a better life.
It reminded of Brian; his family lost their place because
they can't afford to pay the rent.
Back to Paradise Valley, where tax money is spent
on erasing graffiti on the fence,
but it's not like it's as if it's any different here in Heritage Park,
where kids would in an instant look for shit to get into in the dark.

and I'm curious what lies beyond the hills
how many of the snails they had to kill.

I thought about you, I thought about us, then I thought of her.
I buried it deep inside despite my memory being a blur
and it's a struggle to retain any remainder
of a thought not tainted by a painful sting.
I smiled. I shrugged it off. I welcome each and every single feeling.
but it's not like I deserve a fucking merit badge for telling the truth.
It's probably a travesty proclaiming it hurts me more than you

but I'm curious of what she really thinks
no matter how much pain that this may bring.
Track Name: Cell(f)
I wish I had it easy like a tree
planting a seed, growing to be so tall and green
or maybe mr. frog in his pond hopping around
or ribbitting on a lily pad
perhaps i can be cool just like a cat in a hat, so relaxed
attacking a ball of yarn
or do i have what it takes to be a man?
i think i can. i think i can
it probably would be neat to be a fish
swimming perpetually, no short term memory
to be a bird may just fulfill my wish
flying so free, perching on a tree
how it was meant to be
how awesome would it be to be a dog?
chasing my tail, howling at the moon
chewing on a sock
i guess i am just stuck being myself
but then how else? but then how else?