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With a $15,000 of Aaron's dad's money at our disposal, the first 10:39 release ever had to be worthwhile. Spanning two years in high school, and much less time making this album known, this is definitely a testament to much simpler times.


released June 13, 2007

Recorded 2005-2007 at Golden Track Studio in Escondido, CA. Produced by Steve Wetherbee. Engineered by Matt Ibarra. All songs by Tantive-IV except "You're The Inspiration" by Chicago



all rights reserved


(10:39 Records) Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista (San Diego)-based independent music vagabonds. Check out our sites for music reviews!

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Track Name: The Best at Being Worst
Get out of my face, you're such a waste.
Why do you allow this to happen to you?
Why do you laugh? Just cut the crap
Don't you have something to hold on to?
And if there's no one there, just no one to talk to
you can't find anyone but me

Why do you lie? You just pass us by just like you
only care about yourself
When we're in the crowd, then you talk real loud
just like you just don't think you can ditch us again
And if there's no one home, you're just all alone and
you can't call anyone but me

I'd ask you where you're going
and then I'd tell you to stop lying
but you just keep on running
I told you "it's over and done" and
I ask you why you're laughing
you know we both had enough and
that you need something to hold on to

It's hard to say because you can't get enough of yourself
but when is the fighting gonna end?
I've had enough of you 'cause you think you're tough but you're not, 'cause in the end, you see, I'll win
But at the end of time when you see everything's gone
you can't find anyone but me
I'll just take you down with me
Track Name: Spread The Disease
There was this kid, one day his life was really sad
It made me so angry I forgot the life I had
But now I ask myself what became of him?
They told me his life was cut short; his chances very slim

No, there was nobody there, no one to listen or care
Because he spread the disease of sorrow
it spread like there's no tomorrow
Shocked at the sickness, it spread with such quickness
he spread the disease of sorrow.

I asked about this kid; no one really knew
But I was shocked to hear this kid was like me too
Confused about who he is and who he wants to be
But now I realize this kid exists in me.

I knew my sanity was not very strong because
when I knew the kid it wasn't long before
I knew there was something wrong with him
I didn't know that there was something wrong with me
I just couldn't see.
Track Name: Little Black Book
Everything that isn't right just seems to happen in my life
and on the nights that rain, just don't know who to blame
for all my misery tonight.
I don't want to talk to you now
I just want you to realize
about your little black book of lies
The false promises, the wasted hopes and dreams,
all the rainy nights, all the late night fights

Everything I used to know
Everything--just thrown out the window
It's too complicating and it's too frustrating and
I just don't know where to go

I don't want to see your face now.
Track Name: Pwnage, n00b!
I can't take it anymore, I'm gonna explode
They use me, abuse me lying half dead on the road
You won't get away; you're going to pay
maybe not here, and maybe not now
but number your days.

Bang-bang you're dead; you're dead on the ground
You brought this upon yourself
You're gonna get owned, n00b take a look around
Cause I'll see you in hell
Bang-bang you're dead; you're dead on the ground
No one can hear your cries for help
You're gonna get owned, n00b take a look around
Cause I'll see you in hell

You gotta give me shit, you gotta bring me down
Does it make you feel big,
think you're the best thing around?
You must be very proud of yourself
well shove it up your ass
Cause you won't be laughing once I come around

You reap the seed that you sow
but now I want you to know that there's nothing on this earth that will ever change my mind.
I'll bite you back after you've kicked me
one too many times
Track Name: 5 MPH In A 70 Mile Lane
I'm stuck here in this crowded bus
with nothing but nothing to do
staring at space as I'm going crazy
and my mind is bruising black and blue
I'm sitting down as the freeway sound
is churning my guts fast
I'm feeling motion sickness as the driver steps on the gas

I'm taking my time, fifty hours times nine
I'm going nowhere fast
We're racing fast but feels so slow
as the driver steps on the gas

The radio's playing noise and sound
Having so much fun staring at the ground
We're going in circles turning round and around
Cause I'm lost in my boredom, never to be found
As people are talking, paranoia's knocking
and my body and soul become shockingly numb
The engine starts sounding as my heart starts pounding
like a wind-up monkey beating on his drum

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
I'm all wet cause I tried to hold it
No need to tell me, no need to pretend
Cause I know it's never gonna end...
Track Name: The Bum
One day I woke up and I had no place to live
I asked some people for money,
but they had no money to give
So I packed up my cardboard box
and my sign that says I'll work for food
Packed up my cart and my cans
with care and a good attitude

Cause I'm going to a brand new place
A place I've never been before
I'm going to a brand new place
A place with so much more

When I get there, I steal a bike from a kid off the street
I used it to get to the city
to beg for money at people's feet
After I earned ten bucks
I got a paper from the paper machine
After I finished reading,
I used it to wipe car windows clean

I came to this brand new place expecting so much more
I came to this brand new place.
It sucked as ever before

The ending to my story is one that you wouldn't like
I ditched my cart and my box
and even that stupid kid's bike
I bought all the beer I could have
and got wasted in the street
A car came speeding by and crippled both of my feet

I'm stuck in this shitty place
Wasted more than before
I'm stuck in this shitty place
And now I can't walk anymore

Please, don't end up like me.
Track Name: Real TV
Do you ever wonder about what is real and what is not?
And about the truth that's a lie
because it's what you thought?
Do you ever stop and wonder how you came to be?
Well just don't get misled because it means nothing to me
They hypnotize you with reality tv
but you need to realize it's not what it appears to be
Just open your eyes to the truth that's being said
But it's already too late if you realize you're already dead

Because the things you see and hear
should be the things that you should fear
And if you think it's great, you'll just decide your fate
but soon those smiles will turn to tears

You will be sad to hear that your way of life
has got to go
because the things you do are wrong
like when you go insane about the latest prank or game
Your begging and pleading turns to vain
Innocent lives are being endangered
people deceived by total strangers
what has the world amounted to?
Right now, cash is the motivator
hearts are broken for the sake of laughter
What are we all supposed to do?
Track Name: You're The Inspiration
(lyrics by Chicago)
Track Name: Monster
You created a monster and it's out of control
It'll bite you back and it'll swallow you whole
You've been warned many times but you've ignored it all
Now it's the time when you rise then you fall

I had the first impression that you were the best
But I have come to the conclusion that you're like the rest
Deceived by the cloak of all that is vain
The struggle for the conflict that troubles my brain
You need to realize that you're really obsessed
Just prioritize what you think is best
Just because you're jealous that we're having fun
Shouldn't make you think that you're number one

You try to bring us down but you never will
Your intentions are false and your brain is ill
Your plan to kill has ended at the sound of a gun
When someone is hurt is when you're having fun
Just stop this now it isn't fun anymore
You're just not right, you're rotten to the core
Just stop smiling, take that grin off your face
You and I know that you're a big disgrace

Do you know what you've gotten yourself into?
It isn't funny anymore.
Do you even know what you're supposed to do?
Don't even know what it is for.
Track Name: Step Outta Line
You gotta step outta line and
take some time to examine your life
Are you gonna grow up to have a perfect home
and work a 9 to 5?
To function clockwork society
is the downfall of moral humanity
and the ultimate human fallacy
is relinquishing one's own dignity

Redundancy got the best of me
I'm tired of this life.
Constant routine burned me out
I'm bored out of my mind
I try to look up outside of the box
But it's chained up and boarded and nailed up and locked
And I want to get out of this mess

Inapparently, demographic segregation
is the standard of modern times
and the multimedia masses control our young impressionable minds
Societal progress is tearing us down
I look upon it with a frown
Excessive apathetic technology
dug an irrefutable hole in the ground

How did we ever come to this?
It always seemed that we would miss the mark of human dignity
When did we ever get so bland, taking every single command of unreasonable authority?
Track Name: Plastic Revolution
Another piece of meat on the slab
Silicone dream, money's on the tab
You wanna look good, you wanna fit in?
Plastic Revolution's about to begin NOW

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who's the vainest of them all?
They favor one with a real nice body, pretty face
and a brain too small
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's insanest of them all?
You risk your life, go under the knife, fantastic plastic

You get liposuction because your jeans don't fit
Pay a thousand dollars for a rubber tit
Extract the fat, inject it back
Rip the skin, no more double chin.

Still not perfect, gotta get it right,
face is aching skin's too tight
The fountain of youth is a mountain of lies
Society can hypnotize you

Nip it, tuck it, sew it up
You always wanted a double-d cup!
Track Name: Freshman
You started off in someplace new
with no hints what you have to do
and you're haunted by the fact
that there is no one there you know
But you have to do this on your own
and despite when you feel all alone
you have to depend on yourself
when there is nowhere left to go

The important thing is you will find
that these voices that are in your mind
are telling you that it's a sign to move on with your life, even if it means you have to leave your friends behind...

When it's us against the world
in hopes for something new
We can't turn back, we've gone too far
the only thing left for us to do is
just hope for the best
and then cope with the rest
and to see what happens next
in this newly found frontier we now call home

When you just get tired of your life
and you're ready for a change
so you gather up what you can hold
and set off for some place far and strange
where you meet new people, see new sites
and in the back of your mind in the dead of night
you think of home, turn off the light
and hope to God it will be alright

And I know the future is unknown
but soon you'll see how much you've grown
and you might meet people just like you
who have your situation too
and the only thing left for us to do is to live our lives
and not care if it's just me against the world.